Who I am

I am a Father, a Husband.  I am a Humanist and a Developer. I am a Veteran.  All this and more.  My life has been rich and rewarding.  I am the sum of my experiences and more.

I spent half of my adult life serving in the U.S. Navy as a submarine nuclear power operator.  This amazing opportunity gave me the chance to travel around much of Europe and parts of the Middle East, learning about many different peoples and their traditions.  

After leaving military service I decided to change careers and attended college where I was exposed to web development as an option.  My life has not been the same since.  I am a person who loves to learn a little bit about a lot of subjects, and being a web developer allows me to do this.  I am required to familiarize myself with my client's knowledge and problem domains, and work out how best to integrate them with a web site or application.

What I do

I like to tell people that I turn caffeine into code for a living.  I've been developing for Drupal since 2009 and I've been developing with PHP since 2005.

I enjoy helping my clients model their analog business practices, and organize their information with the end result being tools and processes that will improve their business.

I've had the incredible luck to have worked with many different types of clients, ranging from large federal and state government agencies, the U.S. Military, educational institutions, e-commerce sites, associations and a variety of small non-profit foundations.  Building sites and applications to fill their needs and help them in whatever their core mission is.

Want to learn more about me? Download my resume, today!

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Drupal 8 Certified Developer